Bulk Meat Sales

 Why buy directly from the farm?

When you buy directly from your local farmer, you are not only supporting a local community member, but you are shortening the cycle from the farm to your fork. By doing this you gain more control of where your food comes from and how it is grown.  


 How does the purchasing process work?

Purchasing meat in bulk is a fantastic way to save money and fill up your freezer! It may seem like a large chunk of change at first but works out to be quite cost efficient. Check out our forms below for the step-by-step process for purchasing bulk beef and lamb. 

beef flier online 2023.jpg
lamb flier online.jpg

Locker and custom processing?

We currently have all of our beef and lamb butchered at the state inspected, Mingo Locker LLC located at 102 W Main St. Mingo, IA 50168. They will call you for custom processing instructions a few weeks after your selected locker date. Please see their cut sheets below. 

locker meat cuts.jpg

 What to expect?

When purchasing meat in bulk it is hard to know how much meat one expects to receive and how much freezer space to set aside. Our diagrams below will give you good idea of what you should anticipate and prepare for. 

quarter beef expectation sheet.PNG
sheep expectation sheet.jpeg